Friday, December 15, 2006

Pour it On!

Metal Slug Anthology came out yesterday. If ya'll want to get the version for your Wii, you'll probably want to know what control schemes featured in that version.

Wii Remote - Probably the best control scheme. Basically, if you'ved played the Virtual Console games with your remote held like a NES controller, you know what to expect. Except that you have to shake the controller to throw grenades, which actually feels pretty good. Highly recommended.

Arcade - Nice idea: Use the remote like a joystick (I.E. tilt it left/right/up/down to do stuff), but it's pretty hard to figure how you're supposed to hold it so you can do things that actually would find useful.

Tilt Wii - Also pretty confusing to figure out how to hold it right, but probably less so than the arcade one. May be worth a try, but meh.

Nunchuck Only - Sounds simple enough, and it is, but I dunno, it feels kinda weird using 'shoulder' buttons to do primary actions. If you want to feel like you're using a magic egg to play the game, this is the way 2 go.

Nunchuck Control Stick - What could be considered to be the second most 'normal' alternate control style outside the Wii Remote config, you use the nunchuck stick to move, the A and B buttons on the remote to do things, and you flick the remote to grenade toss (once again). It's good, but it depends if you like sticks or D-pads more.

You can also use your Gamecube controllers to play the games if you find these cumbersome. Any way you go, Anthology is well-worth your money. They're some of the most fun, challenging arcade action titles of time, and they all are emulated well here, despite some loading times. Grab a friend, and shoot up those Saddam Nazis (if you play through the games, you know that's what they are.)



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