Saturday, September 16, 2006

Visuals: Marvel VS Heralds of Galactus set

Welcome again to the place where I post my favorite images(for one reason or another) from something and make smartass comments! Today, I look at the newest Marvel VS set, Heralds of Galactus, featuring a good mix of the Cosmic, the Inhuman, and DR.-FRIGGIN-DOOM. So, awaaaaaaaaaaaay we go:

Do I really need to explain why this is here?

Yes everybody, this is human Galactus.

*Sigh* This only makes me want Beta Ray Bill even more.

Who wouldn't want to live on the mechanical pretzel planet?

Great flavor text, but what a drab-looking costume. Of course, it may come in handy when he's hiding in the desert...Or a dung heap.

His name is CLUMSY FOULUP. His parents must've hated him, but considering that they're last names would've also been FOULUP...maybe they wanted their son to atleast completely suck rather than half-suck.

Indeed, sounds like a good prospect.

Mmmmm...sour candy balls. (Gotta love simplicity.)

Pierre Bernard should be pleased.

Of course you're not with the other children, YOU HAVE NO EYES, freak.

VS is always encouraging you to drink...Responsibly, or like a wild bastard. Your choice.

Wow, that's a big gun, Richard. I thought you said you were stretchy, what do you need to compensate for?

And I thought Live Kree...Or Die was a great name. Also, does this not say something of the Kree when they are blasted by the bark of a large bulldog?

Connected pictures are so awesome. Especially when they involve Dr.Doom. Then they become infinitely awesome.

Klaw seems to have trouble keeping his head on. Or he's just having a bad ice cream headache.

That's not very subtle at all.

Truer words have never been spoken. Except maybe "Connected pictures are so awesome. Especially when they involve Dr.Doom. Then they become infinitely awesome.", those might be truer words.

And with his super geniusness, he has created...THIS THING! It's use will be decided on a undetermined later date.

I love series images:

As long as they're happy in Soul World, and far away from me, I'm happy.

Why does he look like a Panda/raccoon?

I am suddenly reminded of Gremlins for some reason.

"C'mon, Chuck. You always make a big fuss when you need to get your head polished."

Planet-Sized beard = Planet-sized beard comb?

I love how trippy Mephisto looks in the picture...straight out of the 70s. And an acid trip.



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