Monday, August 21, 2006

The Good Plug

Okay, recently I had a little situation. Months ago I posted the Unified Crossover History of the Universe on a message board, an article written by a Mr.Timeshredder at his Utherworld site, and I forgot to link back to the original site. Well, Timeshredder found out, and he was not too happy about it(which is completely reasonable. As I found out through e-mail conversation with him, other people have posted it and claimed it as their own.) I apologized to him for this, but I still kinda feel bad about the whole thing. So, to make me feel like I have fixed this whole mess once and for all, I am going to plug Timeshredder's excellent site.

Again, the site is located at:

It's definetly a recommended read, not only for the highly entertaining Timeline of the Universe(it's especially so if you are well-versed in all manners of Sci-Fi, Comics, Fantasy, and cartoons), but also for it's big list of comic book crossovers(with pictures!), retcon files, an article connecting nearly everything to Scooby-Doo, and various reviews. So, yeah, visit it.

More Good Crossover Reading!'s Crossovers and Spin Offs Master Page-Tons and tons of TV crossovers(even really small ones) are recounted.

The Unofficial Comics Crossover Index-Not updated anymore, but still a great site with very in-depth reviews of DC and Marvel's various big events that have taken place over the years.



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