Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My success in Journalism #1

Here's a fairly mundane article that I wrote and was printed in the local university paper. I hope future articles have more of my personality iterjected into them, but whatever gets my name out there.

The Simpsons: Season 8- I voted Kodos!
By Matt B!

Recently, Fox has released yet another season of the show that all people love and live by, The Simpsons. Season 8 continues the tradition of wacky plots, great characters, and hilarious quotes that you and you friends pull out on a regular basis, maybe without even noticing it (it’s like a normal part of your speech patterns at this point.) There’s lots of good stuff in this DVD, but here’s what I consider the highlights of the collection:

*Hank Scorpio: World’s nicest boss, world’s greatest supervillain? In You Only Move Twice, Homer finally finds a job he enjoys in Cypress Creek and meets his new boss, voiced by Albert Brooks. Whether telling Homer the best place to find hammocks or fighting off a horde of anti-Terrorist forces, he always has the time to throw out a line or two. “Have you ever seen a man yell at a shoe before?”

*In Hurricane Neddy, you finally get to see perpetually cheery neighbor Ned Flanders snap and get sent to the asylum. Plus, we get an appearance from Ned’s beatnik parents.

*Everyone wants their spirit guide to be a coyote that sounds like Johnny Cash, but the closest most of us will ever get is El Viaje Misterioso du Nuestro Jomer(The Mysterious Voyage of Homer), which contains one of the best animation sequences in the series.

*The X-Files’ Fox Mulder and Dana Scully visit Springfield to help Homer track down an alien, and declare it the most irritating case they’ve ever had(especially after a turtle steals Grandpa’s teeth.) The same episode also contains Leonard Nimoy, and that makes you want to watch it even more.

*It’s a battle between Mr. Burns’ army of imaginary snowmen and Homer’s ‘Political Powers’ when both are trapped in a mountain cabin after an avalanche in the episode Mountain of Madness.

*An entire musical episode, featuring Shary Bobbins (an original creation, like Ricky Rouse and Monald Muck.)

*The introduction of Poochie, who has since become the mascot of the ‘extreme’-ifying of popular media.

*Mr. Sparkle, the Japanese detergent mascot that looks like Homer, makes his first appearance in this season, where he banishes dirt to the land of wind and ghosts.

*Finally, Season 8 contains Homer’s Enemy, the first and last appearance of Frank Grimes, who could be the only truly logical character in the show’s history.

Expect the DVD to contain the same amount of extras as past sets, including deleted scenes and commentaries on every episode by the writers, producers, and cast members. The set comes into two different boxes (like the Season 7 set), either a normal DVD box or one in the shape of Maggie Simpson’s head. Now, I must be off to look for my lost shaker of salt…oh, here it is!

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