Thursday, August 17, 2006

I was such a crazy little bastard: Part THE SECOND!

It seems odd, really, that I created so many comics, and yet hardly any of them were mainstream-style superhero tales. It's not that I wasn't exposed to them when I was a kid(I'm pretty sure I had healthy doses of Batman and Spider-Man, like any good North American kid), I guess I never was inspired to create a 'normal' costumed crime fighter at any point, I'd rather just stick to the more unorthodox stuff(I'm really not all that different now.) On the rare time a made a superhero-style comic, it really was in that much-favored unorthodox manner.

Take, for example, one of my favorite childhood creations can be described as a superhero comic, albeit one that eschews any sense of normalcy. The setting: A gigantic house world. The citizens of this world: Living food and various animals(see a theme in my stuff?), some that have had their sizes fluctuate so that they match the size of the food people. The heroes: A sugar cube with arms and legs, an orange ball-thing who lives in a teacup adorned with a goofy smirk and legs for walkin', a fire breathing turtle, and a seal. Their goal: to defend the food people from threats of varying nature and lameness, the main foe being a militaristic cockroach and his army of helmet-sporting bugs, but they also made time to fight giant Jell-O Fish(yes, Jell-O fish) and insane kitchen utensils. I did mention that this was unorthodox, didn't I?

Where did such an idea come from? Well, I based many of the concepts on an obscure NES game called Panic Restaurant, but the main idea came from The Simpsons, but in a weird way. Twas the episode Two Dozen and One Greyhounds, where Santa's Little Helper gets a gal pal and then puppies. During the birth of the puppies, the Simpsons family begins placing them in various things around the kitchen. During a very, very short non-gag, three puppies are placed in adjacent spice containers, labeled "Sugar", "Tea", and "Coffee". At that moment, in my juvenile mind:

Little Overworked Author in my Head: ...Sugar...Tea...Coffee. Sugar, Tea, Coffee. Wait....Sugar, Tea, Coffee. Hehe. Sugar, Tea, Coffee. very well. In that sequence. HAHAHAHA! SUGAR, TEA, COFFEE! YES! I CAN FINALLY REST AND EAT SOLID FOOD!

And thus, I started to think how to follow-up such a brilliant sequence of words. So after much pondering, I decided to tack on one final thing to the title: "and Creme". "Sugar, Tea, Coffee, and Creme" has a nice ring to it, does it not? And the rest of the concept just built up around the name. That's normal creative process for me.

The basic concept was first used in a videogame design, but later moved on to a comic. For whatever reason, the comic did not carry over the major villain of their second video game, the guy who actually owns the house. Don't know why he was so against living food and tiny animals living in his house, but it could easily explained by "He's nuts". That would also explain why he created a lava monster(???) that dwells underneath his house. Crazy people tend to do stuff like that.

I can't remember much in the way of storylines for this series, but you can't really expect complex, multi-layered story arcs from it, can you? I remember the first issue had the team facing their worst fears after the good ol' Cockroach Captain looked in their diary. I also remember the storyline about the gigantic Jell-o Fish wreaking havoc and stuff. But...that's about. There must've been some classic material in there, because this was basically my flagship title for a year, before I moved on to other things. Maybe they won't so memorable after all. If I never find those dusty old printer papers stapled together crudely, with poorly-crafted images and illegible text on them in blue and black ink, I'll be sure to scan-em'-up for all to see (Although, who actually wants to see them? show of hands...)

And thus concludes another edition. See ya' soon.



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