Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hey there People, I'm Bobby Brown

Last week a friend and I traded some CDs for a while...and this deal got me my first taste of Frank Zappa(from the Best Of disc). I really, really enjoy this music, it's just so different from everything else being released in all four decades he existed as a musical artist. Chalk it up as another inspiring discovery in my life.

(P.S.: Before hounding me on making a big deal about 'discovering' a very old artist, I am both a music rookie and I needed something to post about. Just, for the sake of goodness, listen to Muffin Man.)

In other news, the other day I was thinking about the past. I do this alot, and this time was not special in any way, but whatever. This year has had me looking back at everything I created when I was younger. I really did like to make stuff in those years(Really hasn't changed much), whether it was stories, comics, or video games. The concepts of these ideas were never original, and on many an occasion I based them around copyrighted materials(whatever stuff I fancied at the time). The best of these has stayed around and adapted...although it was really only one, and it has had a pretty crazy evolution.

But left behind were some pretty decent ideas...and when I say 'decent', I mean 'completely stupid and ripe for ridicule'. Yes, I actively make fun of my own childhood fantasies and scribbles. Really, if you did it too, you'd see how vastly entertaining it is. Since I was always creating things, I have lots of material to insult like Don Rickles on speed.

Yes, I think I will spend the next couple of nights doing just that(and this time I PROMISE!) This could be considered self-indulgent, but it's all the name of entertainment! I really hope you enjoy it as much as me. Just check back here...Saturday seems free. Ciao!

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