Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Death and the Whiners

Item: Hey, remember the year or so before the release of the PS when the idea that the system would block any copy of a game that you wasn't the one the system first 'registered', in an attempt to kill the used and rented game market (also borrowing copies from friends and replacing broken games)? Remember how terrible an idea that was?
Well Epic has another suggestion for killing that pest, years after I thought they just sort of forgot about that argument. Of course, that strategy is more one for going bankrupt than for killing this apparent menace, as consumers would rather just go elsewhere than pay money for incomplete games.

Item: Holy shit. End of an era, maybe.

Item: Back to that lovely Tatsunoko vs Capcom, I find a lot of people still complaining that the Capcom character selection is an "Keiji Inafune love-fest" (Inafune, for the unwary, is the creator of Mega Man and several one-shot Capcom games of modern times, everything from Dead Rising to Zack and Wiki. He's also head of Capcom R&D).
Now, there are 11 Capcom characters so far announced (and I don't expect more than one more will be in the final game). 4 out of those 11 are from Inafune-originated games. That there tells you something. HOWEVER, where the complaint probably comes from is the fact that 5 of the remaining 7 are the perquisite fighting game characters, and that leaves only 2 (the most recently announced Capcom characters, Saki and Viewtiful Joe) non-fighting game characters that are also from games that Inafune did not direct.
Even so, it's not like the Inafune character choices are outlandish. Two of them are from Capcom's biggest franchise (Mega Man and Roll), one of them is from a series that has been fairly prominent in recent times (Soki for Onimusha), and the last one was chosen to be the giant counterpart to Tatsunoko's Gold Lightan (and I'm sure a Lost Planet robot was chosen over Capcom's other giant robots for relevance purposes).
Just like in Smash Bros., this is just a case of making up something stupid to explain why your pet character isn't in it, rather then just go for the more logical explanations.

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