Saturday, October 04, 2008


Back to videogames. GoNintendo is a site I do visit often, only because it gets all the news into one easy-to-navigate place. If it weren't for that, I'd avoid it, as it is incredibly annoying at points and posts a little too much shit no one gives a care about.

But recently they linked to this story, whose purpose also makes me raise an eyebrow. Reggie Fils-Cromagnon may be a PR hack who rose in the ranks, but he's right here.

It hasn't even been a year since Mario Galaxy came out, and people are already asking for another one? Zelda I can understand a bit more, because it's been two years since the last one and more recently there doesn't seem to be more than a three-year break between console Zeldas. But people waited 6 years between Mario 64 and Sunshine, and 4 years between Sunshine and Galaxy. Full Mario games need time to make, especially if you want them to be good.

It's one of those fanboy things. They want and want and want now now now, but then when they get the product, they complain because it isn't exactly what they want.

Really, I'd love for them to spend some extra time if needed in order to make installments of both games different and cool. Another Zelda like Majora's Mask (as in, slightly different structure, and surreal story). And maybe a Mario that eschews the normal "Collect 120 things structure" for something else. Also, inspired by Mirror's Edge (because Mario was the original parkour game, really), it should take place in a big city.



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