Friday, August 01, 2008

28u )

Nine Inch Nails concert was good. They played nonstop, which is a refreshing change to having Rush apologize for not coming to Winnipeg for years. The light show wasn't as professional as Rush's huge video display, but it was very inventive and entertaining. I've only listened to the entirety of The Downward Spiral, so is was mostly songs from that I recognized, although there were a few others that I had been exposed to from unlikely places as well ("I'M USING THE CAT BRUSH!"). It was all well-performed and rocking throughout.

I wish I could be more enthusiastic.

Soul Calibur 4 is going well. It's not really all that different from previous games, as I found the armor breaking doesn't seem to affect the fight in general and those Critical Finishes barely show up unless you're playing against a moron. Online play has been fun, though. Yoda is also a fairly entertaining character, what with flying all over the place and sounding odd (I really hope that's Frank Oz providing the voice, even though most of the quotes seemed to be pulled directly from the movies).

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