Monday, November 12, 2007

Many things I've noticed about Dragon Ball Z from Watching It

-Humans are not good at throwing explosions at each other, and are usually the first to die in battle with things that are not human.

-The people on the DBZ world live with dinosaurs and anthropomorphic animals, and nobody seems to notice.

-Speaking of that, one of the DBZ movies features Hitler. There is no way to reconcile World War II and the Earth as established in the series.

-Both of Goku's children looked exactly the same as each other and Goku himself, indicating that rather than procreating in a normal fashion, he uses advanced cloning techniques. Either that, or they just have a disturbed family that shuns individuality.

-Goku and Piccolo were once forced by Chichi to get driver's licenses, even though they know how to fly, because Chichi is a bitch who thinks living 15 miles out in the wilderness was a good idea in the first place.

-The characters from the original Dragon Ball appear for continuity purposes only. They serve absolutely no other purpose.

-The term 'android' is thrown around quite loosely. Either that, or Akia Toriyama just really liked Blade Runner.

-There's no two ways around it: Cell's tail looks like a giant penis attached to his ass (the Scorpion in the 60s Spider-Man cartoon, as well). So, when he uses it to absorb characters, especially the female android, it is absolutely positively repulsive.

-The female android later had a grotesquely ugly child with Krillin. Krillin does not have a nose, and is comically short. Not exactly prime genetic material to be passed on with androids, which by itself makes very little sense.

-Going back, Goku's biological father looks exactly like him as well. This must be some sort of genetic disorder that prevents variation of any type.

-The power level scouters serve no other purpose but to be crushed in frustration.

-I doubt they figured out an actual mathematical system used to determine power level.

-In the very first episode, a farmer is driving a Chevy, clearly labeled as such.

-Everyone else drives a flying car. Indicating the farmer is dirt poor and cannot even afford a flying car in a world of dinosaurs and dog people that can still somehow have Hitler.

-Piccolo belonged to an all-male race. The source of population is an incredibly fat male. And then the fat one died, and the race and its planet exploded.

-After a while, blowing up a planet really isn't all that impressive.

-Buu, an ancient magical being in hibernation for countless eons, has worms.

-Old people buy a lot of porn. Oh wait, that's in all anime. Never mind.



At 4:40 p.m., Anonymous Judy! said...

Some dog people are elected officials in some cases. Cat people are so lamez0r. I'd never vote for a cat. But a dog, there's an animal I can entrust my city to.

At 10:14 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

And where at you logic?


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