Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm fed up and explaining my view in a concise manner

Since GDC, I've been browsing the Smash Bros. forums looking for whiny reactions (I guess I find Internet Rage funny...which I do!) Unfortunately, this has got me thinking about the game again, which I didn't want to do until new info came out...gaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I have found some whining, the same kind of whining that's been there for a while, about how long it's been since the last time we got info about the game.

Those grating, often malformed excuses for English sentences got me thinking, and now I've reached this conclusion:

Since we've had two teaser trailers already, I'd much rather they work on the game until they can show something that is as close as possible to the final build. I honestly believe I will be far more satisfied with a huge update that required waiting than a bunch of small updates scattered over shorter periods. You may not believe me now, but come back when it comes.

E3 seems plausible for this, and I expect most of the need-to-know stuff will come from it. However, since it is on July 11 to 13 (around 120 days away), I actually expect new info to arrive before then. Within the next three months, we will get something. I guarantee it.

The game itself will be released sometime between August and December.

Enough of my obsessions for today.

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