Friday, March 09, 2007

Reading Rain

Now that's just plain cool.

When I was in the closest bookstore to my home (located in the mall), I wasn't expecting to find anything of particular excitement (it's not the town's best bookstore, not by a longshot. And we don't even have anything that huge here, either.) But when I checked the small shelf devoted to manga books and trades (up to this point, it was mainly Marvel books), I was floored: Fables, Arkham Asylum, the DC Archive Collections, and all 10 volumes of Sandman were there. I ended up buying Arkham and one of the Sandman books. I am very happy about this turn of events.

I'm back on track for writing the 'script' for my peer syndicate's musical. The story involves time travel. There will be a scene where someone is beaten with a George Foreman grill. It will be us, anyway.

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