Monday, March 05, 2007

Visuals: Junk from the Image Host

Hey ho! Here's a new idea for Visuals. I'll find some pictures in my Photobucket account and talk about them.

Quite possibly the most embarrassing death ever.

Isn't Grant Morrison a sexy man?

I've always loved Pumpkinmon. I mean, he's just got an awesome design and an axe in his head.

Damn you, George Foreman. Fat never had a chance.

This is the Polish poster for Short Circuit 2. The Polish sure know how to make an awesome movie poster that looks almost nothing like the movie it advertises.

Comment unnecessary.

I may have too many pictures of Hitler.

Walt Whitman has the best picture ever taken. If I could only have one image and one image only, this would be it.

This man should be everyone's hero.

Holy crap.

The power of dolphin is a truly AWESOME power.

Oh how I love this picture so. It may just beat out Walt Whitman as my favorite picture ever.

It's made funnier by the one person who notices the sign.

This is published in newspapers. It's so utterly bizarre. How does one even think of something like this without actually realizing how stupid and surreal it is?


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