Saturday, March 03, 2007

Even More Responding to Old Articles, and Lots of Junk


Whenever I got to Balent's stuff in Previews, I felt...wrong. I mean, it's not just the fact that they're bad porn comics, and that whatever pin-up character is there must carry a lot of change in their back pockets in order to keep balance...actually, that's it. Well, I guess I'm happy the man's GIGANTOBOSOM industry is still going strong.


My anticipation for Fantastic Four 2 is much higher than I expected. I still haven't seen the whole of the first, although I have seen the ending and it looked pretty blah (still pissed about Doom being a big bowl of suck). Still, can't ignore Galactus. It is hard to ignore something that big, and purple.


GDC is not E3. And Yet, apparently, there will be news from there. Apparently some cool stuff, too. Got no idea what. It sounds like it's not coming from Nintendo. But shit happens.


If the review scores are be taken without proper context (and I urge everyone to always look for context goddammit when using reviews because numbers are vague little assburglars, and that I'm going into hypocrite mode just this once), EGM liked the Wii marble game with the crazy name which I can't remember. Might have to check that one out. Maybe Sonic, too. Not a whole lot, but still some stuff coming out before Super Paper Mario next month.


I'm disturbed by the utter lack of Internet articles making fun of the Sonic the Hedgehog/Image Comics crossover from back in '98. It's ripe for the poking, featuring parodies of the X-Files, prominent use of the super lame Shadowhawk, Spawn appearing for a total of two panels, characters like Savage Dragon, Maxx, and Mr. Majestic popping up for little to no reason, and a villain who reminds me of fucking Moses Magnum.

Take that as a sign of things to come.

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