Wednesday, February 28, 2007


At one point, I could turn to TLC and find a good documentary on UFOs, or Sasquatch, or Sideshows. It became something I could rely on when I wanted a doc about one of my fringe tastes.

And more. The channel seemed to be taken over by home improvement reality shows. Sad, really. I've come to accept the 'botched medical procedure' shows as a semi-replacement, but it can never fill me with joy like TLC could in the 'before times'.

Well, crap, it looks like A&E is also taking that turn. I could watch City Confidential followed by American Justice back-to-back every day and night just a few months ago. Now, it seems, they have been relegated to a single showing in the afternoon, and Investigative Reports is MIA. Now it's The Sopranos, CSI, that ludicrous Dog: The Bounty Hunter, and whatever new 'watch-me-while-I-work!' shows they have this season every night, depriving me of extra true crime documentaries. It's a sad time to be a TV-watching Matt.



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