Wednesday, February 21, 2007

End of a thing

Civil War #7 came out today, so this is going to spoilerific.


Are you sure want to read the rest?

Okay, this is the last warning.

So, Cap decides to turn himself in after the citizens of NYC pull him off of Iron Man and show the damage the war's done. Hercules breaks Clor. Reed and Sue decide to get back together. The gubberment wins, and drafts all the heroes into the army. Iron Man becomes director of SHIELD.

I agree with the sentiment that it should end with the Pro side winning, as it actually has an impact on the line as a whole, with certain heroes now soldiers and others now fugitives. It's an interesting dynamic and can prove to produce some interesting stories over the next few months. Not that in the scheme of things I am for the Registration concept...I still have my suspension of belief when it comes to superhero universes.

Of course, it is to be realized that the new status quo will fizzle by next year, possibly in a grand spectacle. Possibly Soldier heroes are sent to invade an alien planet/place on Earth and come to question the government. Or the Red Skull becomes President. I wouldn't put the latter out of the realm of possibility considering the track record the Marvel U public has, as they have in the past supported mini-Hitlers and large death-dealing robots that have the extremely likely chance of rebelling at any point. Call that a prediction, and also a rip-off of DC.

Quality-wise, Civil War has generally been considered hackery (although initial reactions seemed a bit more enthusiastic). This is not surprising, considering that Mark Millar has never been praised for his use of politics in comics (see: his run of The Authority). I will praise him for balancing the two sides by giving them both moments of utter stupidity (Pro-Reg has Clor and hiring serial killers as law enforcers; Anti-Reg has "let's let the Punisher shoot people at random intervals!"). But the concept was at least intriguing.

Next, World War Hulk and Silent War, which I am curious to see. I don't know how well they'll turn out, but they are shorter than the current batch of crossovers, so they don't rape your wallet entirely. Could be fun, could be not.


In other comics news, my collaborator/friend might be going to people he knows who can actually draw and see what they can do with our comic concept, which we have been discussing at length over the last few days. Not to say we're going to get something published over the next year, but it's a step in the direction of actually taking it seriously. Once we've gone over everything (art and story-wise), later on I could try producing scripts.

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