Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ha ha! Dangly parts

That Ghost Rider thing didn't happen. I guess I'll save my money for a good movie.

Behold! The power of 'scrotum'.

“Scrotum sounded to Lucky like something green that comes up when you have the flu and cough too much,” the book continues. “It sounded medical and secret, but also important.”

Your scrotum is very secret. Very secret indeed. Secret Scrotum.

But, I digress.

This book included what I call a Howard Stern-type shock treatment just to see how far they could push the envelope, but they didn’t have the children in mind,” Dana Nilsson, a teacher and librarian in Durango, Colo., wrote on LM_Net, a mailing list that reaches more than 16,000 school librarians. “How very sad.”

I don't see how this is the case, unless the passage was followed immediately by a sonnet describing the many uses of the scrotum. There's more than you think!

“The word is just so delicious,” Ms. Patron said.

I know I salivate whenever I hear the word 'scrotum'. Mmmmm...scrotum.

I think it’s a good case of an author not realizing her audience,” said Frederick Muller, a librarian at Halsted Middle School in Newton, N.J. “If I were a third- or fourth-grade teacher, I wouldn’t want to have to explain that.”

Who said you had to? Leave it a mystery to the little children. They will await the day they will learn the true meaning of 'scrotum'!

Booksellers, too, are watchful for racy content in books they endorse to customers. Carol Chittenden, the owner of Eight Cousins, a bookstore in Falmouth, Mass., said she once horrified a customer with “The Adventures of Blue Avenger” by Norma Howe, a novel aimed at junior high school students. “I remember one time showing the book to a grandmother and enthusing about it,” she said. “There’s a chapter in there that’s very funny and the word ‘condom’ comes up. And of course, she opens the book right to the page that said ‘condom.’ ”


Ms. Nilsson, reached at Sunnyside Elementary School in Durango, Colo., said she had heard from dozens of librarians who agreed with her stance. “I don’t want to start an issue about censorship,” she said. “But you won’t find men’s genitalia in quality literature.”

That's just discrimination. Discrimination against SCROTUMS.

Bad comedy aside, book banning is bad. Book banning because of the scientific word for balls that isn't even elaborated on in any fashion is downright stupid. BOOO to these people. Yay for scrotums.



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