Friday, February 16, 2007

End of the week Barleynade

Tonight, I realized that I suck at watching movies. I am so behind on cinema, it could be a crime. I may be able to make reference to great/cult classic movies, but it's likely I have ever seen them.

so, I've decided to take the initiative when it comes to movie viewing. I will lead the charge to 300, join the group in Grindhouse, and maybe even get along to Hot Fuzz if our theatre decides not to suck and get it.

Later on, I hope to even get a Terry Gilliam marathon going. Time Bandits, Brazil, Fear and Loathing, Twelve Monkeys, the Fisher King, and Baron Munchausen. I'm sure you'll all be fine if I just skip over The Brothers Grimm and Tideland, right? Sure you will. Oh, I guess I'll throw in Lost in La Mancha too.

Well, my year is set.



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