Thursday, February 15, 2007


The night was spent remembering favorite phrases from the past, playing Wario Ware multiplayer (which never gets old) and Mario Strikers. We also watched My Name is Earl and The Office, all of which have become staples of Thursday. At least it gives us a reason to get together when we could be lazing about.

On the way home, the city of Bismarck, North Dakota was mentioned. I have been to Bismarck twice in my life, and it is probably the furthest I've ever penetrated into the US of A (I don't travel much), both times for soccer tournaments. One of those two I actually took part in.

Bismarck is probably one of the least interesting places to visit in America. North Dakota is not all that different from Canada, and Bismarck is not all that different from my city. But still, when you're 10, it's the little things that count.

Among those little things: Bismarck had an alien-themed Bar & Grill. The inside glowed purple, the walls were adorned with toys and Weekly World News articles, and all the items on the menus had wonderfully lame themed names. How can you not love it? I'm not saying you can't, I'm just asking how. Because I think that would be interesting.

Secondly, Bismarck had a MUSEUM. Like the ones I saw on TV, with FOSSILS. Not just any fossils, MAMMOTH fossils. And an ancient spear. That's waaaaaay cooler than anything I've seen here.

Thirdly, the hotel we stayed at both times had access to Nickelodeon. This was a BIG DEAL back in those days. It didn't matter that I could watch Rugrats and Doug at home, this time they were on their home turf. And that was cool, I guess. Now, I could care less. Seeing the bumpers might be interesting, even though they're bumpers, the least interesting part of a channel. But I'm weird that way.

The only other observation I can make about Bismarck involves it seemingly having a overtly large amount of Taco Johns. TJ only became cool when they used a monkey cowboy riding a dog in their TV ads. Oh Whiplash, how great a being you are.

I've always been to Bismarck's sister city of Minot. Which has nothing of interest. Or nothing I can remember.

In conclusion: I must get out more.

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