Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hey! Lookee Here!

I have heard local mindless generic rock radio station play 'Disarm' by the Smashing Pumpkins twice now. I just never expect that kinda stuff to come from them. But then again, they played 'E-Pro' at one point, too. And I guess I can't complain when it's a few minutes that they aren't playing Nickleback.

I might go see Ghost Rider this weekend with a friend. I don't expect to like it, especially since the commercials show the movie hamming it up as much as possible. And not in the good, Vincent Price way, either. More along the lines of "we got nothing, so let's just make it as lame as possible!". I'm completely neutral on the subject matter, by the way. I'm sure in the right hands, Ghost Rider can be more than just a relic of the 70s (Luke Cage kinda did).

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