Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Amazing Screw-On Head

Today, I watched the premier episode of the animated version of Mike Mignola's one-shot comic via Sci-Fi Channel's website. Apparently, the reaction to this online pilot will decide whether the series is picked up. After viewing the episode, I really hope it does.

Basically, Screw-On Head is a bizarre robot/spy that fights paranormal creatures for the United States under Abraham Lincoln. He has two sidekicks, a living stuffed dog that is constantly getting shot at, and his butler, who spends much of the episode paranoid because he learns that all of SOH's previous butlers have been systematically knocked off. The plot involves the villain of the piece, Emperor Zombie(who was Screw-On Head's first partner, and is responsible for the fate of his successors), attempting to find the lost power of an ancient conqueror(which is hidden in a turnip). Zombie is one of the highlights of the show, as his dialogue and unending cheeriness is great fun.

I've always wanted to see Mignola's excellent art translated into motion, and that is what Amazing Screw-On Head delivered. Much like another animated favorite, Invader Zim, the comic book design really adds to the crispness of the animation. And, as anyone familiar with Mike Mignola's work knows, it greatly improves on the Lovecraftian atmosphere that the themes of the stories exude.

So, what we have is a beautiful looking, fun, and bizarre cartoon. Oh, did I mention that Paul Giamatti is in the lead role? I think you should support The Amazing Screw-On Head, if not only for the reasons I stated above, but also because it has a monkey. With a gun.



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