Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dancing Robot Double Feature

Alrighty, I'm very, very late on these (both were viewed/read last week), but I'm sure you're dying to hear what I think of them. So, without further ado, my reviews of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Warren Ellis' Nextwave.
I've never actually seen the first Pirates in it's entirety, but still felt confident enough that I could view the much hyped sequel without being confused. I was right, I had enough exposure to the basics of the characters and the world that I really wasn't lost at all. I even got an enjoyable flick, too.

And that's what Pirates does very well, be enjoyable. All the action scenes are fairly creative, as are the absolutely wonderful cast of villains. Although some people may complain that it is too long, I never felt that way. There were no scenes wasted or longer than they should be. I was enthralled every moment, which is an absolute must for action films.

Of course, this being an action movie, you can't expect much from the story or characters. However, I think it actually delivers above-average in both. Johnny Depp is still a great presence in the movie and brings in most of the humor(the rest belongs to the two other recurring pirates whose names I do not know. I love those guys.) I was rooting for Will and Elizabeth, as well. Back to those villains, they were also delightfully evil, and even scary. I guess, comparisons to Star Wars are apt, as it's basically that same kind of movie when it comes to the deeper things(as in, good in a myth-sorta-way, but not amazing).

I wouldn't call Dead Man's Chest spectacular, but it is very good and worth your money in the crowded Summer season. Go for the Kraken, stay for the Undead Monkey.

Warren "Internet Jesus" Ellis is a crazy man. But he knows how to write comic book comedy, apparently. Nextwave is basically another superhero parody book like Great Lakes Avengers, She-Hulk, Defenders and X-Statix, and like those comics, it's one of the Marvel's very best.

I've always wondered how Family Guy-style humor would work in comic form, and Nextwave is how. The flashback scenes are hilarious, but the best part are the characters. Obviously, the funniest characters are the ones who get the most panels devoted to comedy (that would be The Captain and H.A.T.E. director Dirk Anger), but all of them get moments of gut bustery.

It's the visuals and dialogue combined that rocket this comic into greatness, though. And it also is a little less reference-heavy than some of the other Marvel comedy books (although they are in there, and they are great.) So, if you're a fan of bizarre humor, or enjoyment of life, pick up Nextwave, or Fin Fang Foom's heart will be broken...moreso.

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