Monday, May 11, 2009


This has probably waited too long, so not every detail is clear and thus it is less entertaining.

The dream took place at work...or at least a grocery store very similar to it. It actually kind of looked like IGA at times...anyway, the main thrust of it was that the last episode of a TV show I liked, which I'm pretty sure was Sealab 2021 (which is funny, because that show ended about two years ago). There were TVs strewn about on the racks that I used to watch it...and it didn't look much like Sealab, to be honest. There was something else about it, too, that made it a must-see for me, although I can't remember what that was, exactly.
I also wandered the store, finding dream strangeness about. No specific examples of it that I can remember. See, I told you waiting so long has sucked all the fun out of this.

But yeah, first new 'major' dream in a while.

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