Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Prediction + Health Update

I seem to be getting sick again. Maybe it's the H1N1 virus (man, what a 133t name). There has been one reported case around here. Of course, it was in a child from a school I haven't been to since grade 8, so unless it's diffused into the populace at a much more rapid rate than health officials knew, that seems unlikely. More likely I'm coming down with a common disease. It feels like the same shit I got last fall. Which wouldn't be too good, because that sick time sucked, but it still better than OMG FORIN PANDEMIC.


To update my game prediction posts from before (if you haven't stopped reading by now, DO IT. STOP READING.)

For Punch-Out!!, we have a few more confirmations. We have actual footage of Piston Hondo and Great Tiger now. Also, the ESRB website description pretty much comes out and says Super Macho Man and Soda Popinski are in the game, which fits my list. Current reviews point to 'a few' nods to Super Punch-Out!!, which means that someone else from that game will show up alongside Bear Hugger (I'm still going with Dragon Chan on that).

With Piston Hondo, though, I must take off one my original list, and it'll probably be original final boss. The final boss seems to be silhouetted on the web site (why else would the one unfilled profile be there since day 1?), and it looks like...a buffed up Mr. Sandman? That would be odd.

Now, Smash Up. Nothing big, but the current post on the developer blog says that "the characters all utilize a weapon of some sort", which would mean the characters in the game would have to have some sort of weapon. It's a pretty open phrase, I mean anything could be used as a weapon. I don't think it hurts the stuff I had in my prediction post, but its something to consider.

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