Tuesday, July 03, 2007

In Concert

Yesterday, I went to a White Stripes concert with friends. I hadn't been a big listener of the group, but I liked what I heard of them and felt this was something I had to do at least once (nope, never been to a concert before). Besides, I hadn't been to Winnipeg in two years, and despite the fact that the city apparently blows, it was good to get outside the town.

So off we went. As soon as we got into the city, we made sure to point out every store on the way. Even though most of them are in this town, there is something magical about seeing them in a bigger city. I bet I'd have a wonderment aneurysm if I ever went to a place like New York.

When at the colossal (at least compared to anything I've ever seen) MTS Centre, I bought a nice penguin shirt (which is red!) and some overpriced buttons. All good, at least I'll have more than just memories, which aren't nearly as reliable as you'd think. Then we remembered that we were there for music, not buttons.

The opening act, who's name I do not know and I do not feel the need to look up, were rather dull. Generic rock about life. I thought the opening act was going to be rockabilly, but I guess destiny was not to be.

Then the Stripes came on, and the crazy crowd went insane. Jack White strutted around with his instruments, as one would expect of a rocker, while the suited underlings came and went at the speed of light whenever trouble was afoot. When Meg White came to the microphone to sing, I noticed that she was quite short. I would be the type to notice this, as I am shallow.

Overall, I'd say it was a good time. Just seeing the sea of humanity within that stadium was a first for me. And now I know, buttons are incredibly expensive.

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