Friday, January 19, 2007

Daily Grind: 1/19/07

I'm so slow with music. I only recently started buying CDs on a regular basis and sampling new artists as much as I can. So I'm almost always playing catch-up with musical happenings, and I rarely know when new stuff is coming out (When The Information came out, I didn't even know it until someone posted it on a message board.)

So, one of the new bands I've been enjoying as of late is those wacky fellows in Grandaddy. And guess what? Last year, they released their last album. I jump on the ship while it lays on the bottom on the ocean. Well, at least it'll be easier to get all their stuff.

Next thing I'm interested in listening to is the Arctic Monkeys. They've gotten thumbs up from two of my trusted sources (one being good ol' Scotsman Paul O'Brien), plus they sound like the type of band I'd enjoy. This is one boat I'm hopping on while it's docked.

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