Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Observing Doctor Who: New Earth

Two days worth of turkey birds and pumpkin pie, and it was all capped off with the CBC season 2 premier of my beloved Doctor Who. I liked the episode well enough, although it's definetly not the series' strongest. Here are my smartass comments!

-Why are the cat people nurses?
-I wonder if the Doctor Who writers watch Futurama?
-So, it wasn't the disease, the mayor is just a bloated fatass.
-Hiding in the basement of a hospital doesn't sound very pleasant. Neither does being a folded flap of skin.
-Parties in the future aren't really all that different.
-Well, we've never had zombies with a single repeated phrase before. (mummy, mummy, mummy...)
-Spirit jumping is the best form of transportation.
-The big face is a jerk for not dying.



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