Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Message Board Post Teh Funnay

Taken from this thread from CHUD:

Because showing gay people on a screen - even straight actors pretending to be gay - causes particles known as neutrino-homosexualis (commonly referred to as "queer spore") to be released into the atmosphere. These indestructible particles then drift on the wind, attracted to warmth, bright colours or tasteful interior design. Anyone inhaling, swallowing or even looking at "queer spore" then becomes incrementally more gay via exposure.You know when sunlight comes through the window, and you can see tiny motes floating lazily in the beam? QUEER SPORE. You know when you rub your eyes really hard, and you can see colours and shapes swimming in your field of vision? QUEER SPORE. You know when you open an old book, and it's covered in a powdery residue? You think that's "dust"? Wrong.QUEER SPORE.It's a well known fact that the vacuum cleaner was actually invented as a way to stem the spread of the gay plague.So in other words, if Liberal Hollywood keeps on acknowledging the existence of filthy, filthy homos by showing images of them on large screens, eventually everyone in the world WILL BE GAY.Do you want that? Do you? DO YOU?


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