Saturday, December 17, 2005

Joe Quesada >:(

The Marvel Universe Prepares For 'Civil War'

It's another 'mega event' from the House of Ideas. Let's see what our favorite EIC Joey Q has to say:

"This idea will affect all of the Marvel Universe if not all of comics when you come right down to it because it’s going to resonate with all our lives,”
You mean like Avengers: Disassembled and Secret War and House of M were supposed to?

"The storyline centers on a secret past that was supposed to stay hidden from even the most trained electric eyes in the sky."
Where have I heard of this before? Oh, right, EVERYWHERE!

"Quesada also told us previously that Civil War will match or exceed House of M in terms of scale"
That is a hard thing to do...

"but also in the number of tie-in specials, mini-series, and aftermath projects House of M entailed."

"Yeah, this is in many ways bigger than House of M,”
See my above sarcasmment.

Now, I'm not usually one of the major cross-over bemoaners (I'm quite enjoying Infinite Crisis), but with this, Planet Hulk and Annihilation, that's 3 major crossovers happening at the same time. That's not just overdoing it, it's overdoing the overdoing of it. And none of them really sound that interesting. It's made even worse by Quesada's obligatory overhyping and huckstering. The best thing I can say about this: It's being written by Mark Millar, so it probably won't go at a snail's pace like HoM did with Brian Bendis (it may work in Ultimate Spider-Man and Powers, Bendis, but it doesn't work everywhere.) It may even be a fun action story, but I highly doubt it'll be an event that makes you want to buy 5000 different comics to get the whole story.

Sorry, Marvel, I'm not interested. I think I'll stick to She-Hulk and Runaways.


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