Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mario Kart DS

I've owned Mario Kart DS for about 3 weeks now. Unlocked most everything, including special guest R.O.B. the muthafucking robot. Haven't tried the online mode yet, but I hope to join the MK populace in a month or two (atleast so I can also go on with Animal Crossing: Wild World). Even so, MKDS' got lot's of great single player meat. Unlocking the aformentioned secret characters as well as karts, trying to beat all the objectives in the neat little mission mode (a great edition to the series) and then try to get perfect scores on those missions will keep you busy for a while. Even better, the new courses are pretty cool, and they even included 4 courses from all the past Mario Karts. And the game also looks very pretty.

I recommend that you all buy it. Like, now.

Link of the day: Beacoup Kevin -A comic-book centered blog. Funny stuff, especially 'Otter Prime'.


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