Monday, December 05, 2005

New Sitcom May be Quite 'Sharp'...heheh

Rev.Al Sharpton is in talks with CBS to do his own sitcom

NEW YORK -- He didn't make it to the White House, but the Rev. Sharpton may soon beam into your house on a regular basis.
Phew, for a second there I thought they meant he was going to materialize in my house on a regular basis via some secret "Star Trek" technology, or wizardry. I never would have enough ham sandwhiches.

Sharpton, a New York Democrat known for his civil rights work, political aspirations and love of the cameras, is in talks with CBS to do his own sitcom.
Apparently, CBS' current demographic of old white people isn't giving them a leg up in the ratings, so now they are trying to attract a new audience of old black people

Sharpton confirmed to the New York Daily News that one episode may revolve around one of his TV children becoming a Republican.
I personally can't wait for Limbaugh to star in a rebuttal episode, where one of his kids becomes a 'tree-huggin', pinko lib'rul

The sitcom has a working title of "Al in the Family."
Oh! It's like "All in the Family", only with "Al" instead of "All"! I chortle at it's cleverness.

And thus concludes today's "stupidly funny news story".


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