Monday, December 19, 2005

It's the most random ever!

I posted this on a message board on Saturday, in some sort of 'random post' constest.

Samuel Jackson is the leader of the mole people who have a secret plant to create a giant Baskin Robbins that will turn every Orthodox Jew and Shark trainer into wooden wombats unless Michae Stipe, Invader ZIM, and the reincarnated head of George Jefferson find the golden Tang pouch which when combined with a picture of a whale in the sky, the first issue of Cat Fancy, a steel rolling pin, and the Book of Mormon creates a giant robot in the shape of a double stuff oreo cookie who will proceed to fly into space, find the nearest 7-11 and buy three bags of nachos and some old brownies, which he will stuff into a crater on the moon, thus summoning the digruntled spirit of FuManChu, who will go on a rampage when he paints Jimmy Carter's fence. Jimmy will call FuManChu a Chazzwozzer and will be turned into a Ivory-billed woodpecker by the ancient God of Apple computers, and is banished to the living island of Krakatoa so he could wrestle in a ring made out of recycled tin cans and goat milk against Ric Romero, in which the victor will acquire a laserdisc copy of Eraserhead which when put in the last jukebox from the year 1972 will create a field of cheese that will cause Samuel Jackson to become addicted to McGrittles, ruining the mole people's plans once and for all.

I think now I should've ended it with: and thus saving Christmas.



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