Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Back to symbol titles I see.

Waiting for spring. It will come. OH YESSSSS, it will...

With classes on its last legs and the last few major assignments coming up (one of them was delayed until much later today, which makes me a happy camper and frees up the week), I'm busy with important stuff and not just the bullshit I'm usually busy with. I have more confidence in my ability to get stuff done this year, too, so that helps.

I decided that I am going to speed up my latest dumb project, which is to convert my old 'super binder' into an all-purpose dumb fact reference guide. I recently printed off a map of my province and a guide to colours, but they are just the beginning. I just need to think of some more things I may need to refer to in the future...

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At 10:49 p.m., Anonymous sepchronicles said...

Hey! see the actual dancing robot on my blog

although, it's not a video, i am having a hard time uploading it... really a hard TIME. hehe


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