Monday, February 02, 2009

An Unknown Substance Called...the mass

First things first, and then there were none.
Vs. System provided me many hours of Internet fun, and I applaud it for that. There may never again be something where Superman and Howard the Duck can stand side by side and both be effective Parademon deterrents.

But enough with the weepy stuff, now onto the strange.

Reading this review of some obscure cartoon whose existence means nothing to anyone, I came across the following passage, which interested me:

"Some things, apparently, resist anthropomorphization and as a result can be neither understood nor managed; I cannot, for the life of me, attribute any distinctly human characteristics to the people who made The Adventures of the American Rabbit. Any human being, no matter how mentally incapacitated, would be cognitively developed enough (by the very fact of their humanity) to never produce a film like this. Perhaps it is the work of amoebas."

Now, I think this a lot actually, when I see movies or TV shows of a certain kind (kids stuff, mainly). What I see, I just cannot imagine a human being, an actual modern, normal person, creating it. Most of the time, I don't even care, and thus the questions do not arise. But when I do, its...jarring, to say the least. Who made this? How did they make this? What possessed them to make it? It'd be far more comforting if the things were a product of robots, like Archie comics are.

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