Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Great Renaming

I decided I'm going to be more loose when it comes to labelling here. Having a strict set of labels for everything can be handy, but they don't describe everything to 100% accuracy. Plus, I can just make up funny labels for things and then this blog will be 5% funnier, bringing it up to 5% funny.

Anyway, I have nothing to post. I was playing Tatsunoko vs Capcom for a while there, can't think of anything interesting to say about it right now. I'm waiting for Street Fighter, having nothing interesting to say about that.

So, what to do? Another tier list, of course. This one will be a tad more substantial, as it will cover beat 'em up games, because as you may have figured out I like talking about them.

Note: I know this isn't every single one ever, but I tried to include every one that matters at last moderately. Some of that shit can go straight to hell.

Top Tier
Battle Circuit
River City Ransom
Sengoku 3
Gaia Crusaders
Vendetta (Crime Fighters II)

High Tier
Streets or Rage 2
Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom
Alien vs Predator
Ninja Baseball Batman
Castle Crashers
Metamorphic Force
Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder
Final Fight III
Violent Storm
Armored Warriors
Knights of the Round
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
Warriors of Fate
The Punisher
Undercover Cops
Captain Commando
Streets of Rage III
Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga III

Mid Tier
Turtles in Time
Final Fight/Final Fight II
The Simpsons
Streets of Rage
King of Dragons
Batman Returns (SNES)
Shadow Warriors
Double Dragon
Golden Axe/Golden Axe II/Golden Axe III
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtes III: The Manhattan Project
Burning Fight
The Combatribes
Spider-Man: The Videogame
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Captain America & The Avengers

Low Tier
Night Slashers
Ninja Kids
Arabian Fight
Sengoku II
Double Dragon III
DD Crew

Bottom Tier
Crime Fighters

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