Monday, January 19, 2009

Hey there

I caved and purchased Tatsunoko vs Capcom form Play-Asia. I have got the proper hacks to make it work, and have shut off my Wiinternet to prevent updates that could take place between now and when the game comes in the mail. Looking forward to it (well, I'd have to, considering how much I'm paying for it). The last thing I ordered from Play-Asia took 11 work days to get here (I think). Can this order beat the mail system's record?

But anyway, some games I am looking forward to this year:

Street Fighter IV - Of course.
Rhythm Heaven - Yes, uh-huh.
Mario & Luigi 3 - I didn't play the second one, but the premise of this one is so outlandish I have to try it.
Prototype - Just saw a video for this. It looks incredible.
Punch-Out!! - I gotta have it. Even though we know next-to-nothing about it, I have confidence that the guys behind Mario Strikers will know how to make it right.
TMNT Fighting Game - I mean, they got some of the Brawl developers behind this! I'm always receptive to promising fighting games, and with the pedigree on this, I am excited. Plus, some of the ideas they had on display so far were pretty good. See illegal scans here, thief.



At 4:22 p.m., Anonymous Judy! said...

Prototype is one of those games that I mix up with other titles. I'm getting it confused a lot with Alpha Protocol.


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