Thursday, February 14, 2008

In the 'How' files...

How can something like this happen? How could I not know about it until now. How come I like that slightly stylized Noheart (if you consider 'bad' to be a style) so much?


Now, um, Street Fighter IV. It was announced months ago, but only now do I feel like responding to it.

Now, being a big fan of the series, specifically Street Fighter III, this is somewhat a whirlpool of reactions we have so far. On one hand, yay new Street Fighter!. Yay, Japanese developers! But on the other hand, too much trying to be Street Fighter II again! No parrying (or so it seems)! I've played the original 8 SF characters to death at this point!

But still, the new gameplay concepts intrigue me. As much as the game looks to be trying to recapture the spirit of SFII, the new focus on intuition and sacrifice sounds like it could mix things up quite a bit. I also like the rough, cartoony graphical style that others seemingly don't.

The two new announced characters...aren't bad, but I've seen nothing of their fighting styles and thus can't have much of an opinion on them at this point. Their character designs are okay, not all too creative (especially Mr. Blue Gi Aryan), but they have potential. I hope they bring in a luchador too (specifically, El Stingray from Saturday Night Slam Masters. C'mon, they love these kinds of cameos!)

So yeah, can't wait. Online play, too.


I watched Robocop on TV over the weekend. Made me want to write corporate dialogue all week. It is a good movie indeed.

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