Friday, December 14, 2007

End of an Error

And the last exam is done, and I can relaxe. Holllllleeeeee shit.

And what do I do to celebrate? I go see I am Legend.

The Problem with I Am Legend is that it is neither exciting nor interesting. It's just rather dull and meandering. It was just...Will Smith doing stuff, and then LOUD NOISES every once in a while.

There were some things that were good. Will Smith hunting deer in the street, with lions there too? Cool. Will Smith going insane and talking to mannequins? Also cool. Neither stay around too long, except when Will Smith knows the lines to Shrek by heart and flips out over bacon.

If it really did go the distance of showing a lonely man going insane in this apocalyptic scenario, I would even have been able to forgive the Bad CGI Gollum people. Who all wore the same tattered clothes. For some reasons. And used the generic movie monster squeal, and all roared exactly like Imhotep.

I haven't read the book, only a Wiki synopsis. I wasn't really thinking about the book when the movie was going, so it really doesn't matter that it was Bad CGI Gollum people with identical clothes instead of superstitious vampires. But after a while, it just dons on you that the movie doesn't really have anything interesting to offer.

Not terrible, but nothing memorable in the least.

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