Friday, August 10, 2007

Those Cold, Dead Eyes

After having quick glances at a number of British cartoons on this site, I have come to two realizations. One, the British love their stop motion. Second, puppets can be absolutely frightening. Not just ventriloquist dummies or marionettes, either, although they are generally the worst of the bunch. I guess it's the Uncanny Valley in a way, although instead of looking like humans, most of them just look like they should be alive in general. When they're being used, they can be great. But I could never be in a room filled with stored puppets.

I think this movie looks fun. It would probably seem pretty pedestrian, however, if I didn't know it was a Michel Gondry (or, as he pronounces it, MEESHELL GAWNDWEE) film. So I at least have the possibility that the final product will be filled with exuberance.

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