Friday, March 16, 2007

The Great Money Hunt

Wow, looking for scholarships is both easier and more difficult than I imagined. I have access to a pretty handy list, but because I'm a loafer who doesn't do nothing for nobody, I only have academics and "I'm here, ain't I?" to go by. Oh well, I got candidates. And I'm going to apply for an editorial job at the newspaper, which has it's benefits as well. I'm glad I finally did this.

I bought my very own copy of Watchmen, and have dutifully handed it to friends to read. I am doing my part. Really, though, the main reason I bought it sooner rather than later is because I had a friend of mine bug me about it after hearing about the hidden image in the extended 300 trailer. He only reads comics when there's a movie to tie into it. Hopefully once my trade collection grows, I get them to read more frequently.

But I still need to track down my precious Grant Morrison Doom Patrol books...



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