Monday, June 05, 2006

The Gaming Goo'ness

So now that Prairiecon is over, I should report what I did:

Day 1-
Played a games demo, which included the insane board game Haunting House(which I played before, and got to keep this time around), and an economic card game called San Juan, which was great fun. At the end, besides Haunting House, I also got some Dragon Ball Z cards, because no one else wanted them. To the darkest reaches of the closet they go!

Day 2-
First, played Toon, my very first role-playing game ever. There was only two people for Toon, but it was grand. It was 80s-cartoon themed, as I played the "Changerbot" and the other person played a TMNT-esque character. By the end of the campaign, I had smacked a bunch of "Misionaries" with a tree, fought Ninja Puppies, sacrificed my human buddy to a dragon, transformed into a treadmill, fast-talking Porta Rican Salesman, pizza boy, and a laundry machine, finger-flicked a German guy, and repeatedly activated the Ultimate Doomsday Device of Total Oblivion before I just took out the battery(which was a rabbit).

My second game was Free-For-All Miniatures-Rumble in the Bronx, which is a game the gamerunner made himself, using various figures(like those stupid little Homies figures you see in vending machines all over.)There was also only one other person at the game, but I still had fun. Won the first round as the Mexican Wrestlers versus the other guy's Pimp & Hookers, got clobbered the second round as the Punks by the Karate Masters, and was able to take out half of the other guy's Bikers before they reached my side of the board with a bunch of Latino teen gangers. Making my own game would be a sweet summer project...

As a bonus, I got to play Clay-O-Rama, a battle game where you make your own creature out of PlayDoh and were given attributes and special abilities based on how you sculpted it. I made a lizard/fish thing which I dubbed "Gill Henderson II, Jr.". The others had a flying, spitting snake; a "Sasquatch Cowboy" who throw rocks and bowled enemies; a thing which can only be described as "Damn, that's Ugly"(which was it's name); and an immobile mushroom who could switch places with anyone(thus, making it not so immobile). Needless to say, the mushroom won, causing my Gill Henderson to implode.

Day 3-
First was my beloved Heroclix, which had a good-sized group of 6, with three budding newbies and three veterans(including myself). We played theme teams(although their themes were usually odd, my team was 'Conflicted', which included characters like Ravager, Black Adam, and The Demon). It was pretty neat helping new players get into the game, plus, it was the first 'real' Heroclix game I'd played in a long time. Afterwards, one of the players was giving out some of his extras, and I finally got my mitts on some long sought after figures like Atlas, Icons Aquaman, Joker, and Ghost Rider. Earlier, I had traded and also got a Darkseid, Dr.Strange, and Iron Fist. At the end of the day, I also possessed Wendigo, Namor, Awesome Android, and many more I had missed from past sets. Very profitable for me, I'd say.

Finally, there was the Free-For-All tabletop RPG(using GURPS), which consisted of me and about 10 other people playing as various movie monsters hunting for human victims and eachother. I was one of two Predators, facing off against two Christine Cars, a werewolf, a vampire, two Zombie hordes, an alien, the Terminator, two giant Spiders, Jason, and two Tremors worms. My objective was to kill 6 marines. By the end, I had a killed 1 Marine(and took his gun as a trophy) and Sara Conner.

You know what? I wish I could do stuff like this more often. I just had a spectacular time trying out new stuff. All the people I gamed with were real nice and really helped me get into the groove of things. Also, getting a grasp of Toon and GURPS makes me kinda want to try out more RPGs, or, hell, make some of my own(yes, I could and would do that, I'm a nerd, you see. I'm also delightfully mad).

And thus ends the one weekend of the year I do something. Now back to scrounging Smash Bros. Brawl info and counting the days 'til CBC starts airing Doctor Who again...



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