Thursday, December 22, 2005

Brainstorming Affects your Brain

So, walking home with my friends tonight, we pass a park hill. One of my friends mentions how awesome it would be if we saw zombies in that park, ran to his house, grabbed some large weapons, called all our other friends over, and went on a zombie killing spree, climaxing with us fighting the zombies on the hill until the redness of dawn. When the re-killing ends, he stuffs a stogie in his mouth, looks to the camera and says " PIECES!".

This has actually given me a good idea for a movie. Stay with me on this:It would be about a group of action movie junkies who fight off a new invasion of generic movie villain hordes(whether they be zombies, aliens, robots, ninjas, or vampires) every day for one week. Every battle would end up on a hill during dawn, and after the foe is slain, one of them turns to the camera and says a stupid one-liner. The whole movie will be filled with parody and cheesy dialogue only Michael Bay could love. It would basically be one giant geekgasm in-joke.

Okay, I don't know how well it would hold up as a hour-and-a-half movie, but it could make a good short or TV episode/special. It might not even be a good idea at all. Atleast the head juice is flowin', right? Right.

Quotes of the day
"What is this, a democracy?"-My friend, Bryce, repeating something he said this morning when another one of my friends declined to walk with him.

"I...can't roll my DICE!"-Bryce, again, impersonating a helpless old lady when he learned that my friend Gibby might not be going to his volunteer work at the old folk's home(where, apparently, they play alot of board games) this week. Try to imagine an old black Georgian woman saying it for an extra bang for your buck.


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