Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Who cares?

Needless purchases of today, made in the name of DEALS:

-Mini-Fridge, where I can store...something!

-A 2.2 Litre water bottle...for those with BIG hydration problems.

-4 CDs - Sloan's "Twice Removed", The Weakerthans' self-titled album (AKA "Fallow"), and two by Ween: "Chocolate and Cheese" and the latest, "La Cucaracha".

-Another cheap calendar, featuring various wildlife captured in their native habitats, before being shot and stuffed.

-An address book, with two removable note pads.

-Two packs of black pens, which has proven very useful in my senseless note taking life.

-4 large plastic containers, which will (hopefully) help my closer become less of a gigantic clusterfuck.

Plus, I swear to God the Wonderbread was staring at me.



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