Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wii feat. Validus

I got my Wii today. No Zelda or Metal Slug, unfortunately(MS has been delayed until the 28th, apparently), but Monkey Ball and Wii Sports should suffice for now. I got a second controller, but no nunchuck to go along with it...gonna have to wait for that, too. Finally, I got a Wii Points card and used half of it to download Super Mario 64.

Now, game impressions:

Wii Sports, honestly, is very good. I doubt I'd pay money for it, but that's why it's a pack-in, is it not? Anyways, the controls are smooth as could be. It's easy to pick up and play, nice multiplayer, and even some fun training exercises. An enjoyable tech demo, if there ever was one.

Monkey Ball: one-player took a bit to get used to, and I still haven't beaten the first world because my monkey keeps getting blown off by freaking birds. Mini-games, as expected, are better, although some control a whole lot easier than others. The Asteroid Crash, Number Ball, Darts, & Space Monkey Attack work pretty well...Shepherd and Whack-A-Mole, not so much. Of course, I'm limited in the number of games I can play because of the lack of a second nunchuck. So far it's okay, but you might want to be cautious.

Also, Beaucoup Kevin presents a Validus caption extravaganza!

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