Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mad Monkey Sunday: Sequential Monkeys!

The best comic book monkeys:

Gorilla Grodd (Enemy of DC's Flash)

Ultra-Humanite in his white monkey form(DC's brain-switching super Nazi)

Red Ghost's Soviet Super Apes(Adversaries of Marvel's Fantastic Four)

Bobo, AKA Detective Chimp (The best thing DC has ever produced)

Tony Millionaire's Sock Monkey

Titano (Superman's unfriendly ape-versary)

Solovar, king of Gorilla City

Monsiur Mallah, French ape and lackey/lover of The Brain (for more info on the latter, go here. God, I love Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol)

Mandrill, a Daredevil villain for whatever reason

Man-Ape. More man, or more ape? U-DECIDE!

The monkeys of Monkey vs. Robot

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At 9:22 p.m., Anonymous Tanooki-type Judy said...

Detective Chimp 444 lyfe.


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