Thursday, January 19, 2006

I hate elitists

The internet is full of many people who are really full of themselves. For whatever reason, a specific trait or skill they possess vaults them ahead of everyone else in their mind, and so they feel the need to rub everyone else's faces in it. I know, this is common knowledge to any denizen of any place in this vast void that allow for the display of someone's thoughts and sentiments. However, it was today that I decided to write about it, passing time.
Specifically, I have found this behavior in two groups of people: People who refuse to watch television and vegetarians. Both saeemingly think their choices in life are the best, and thus they are superior to those who don't share these ideals. They display very little respect or knowledge of the other side of the argument, and are only there to belittle their philisophical opponents. This is not decent behavior on their part, and it's the kind of behavior that'll leave their egotistical asses sad and alone. Atleast that would happen in a just world. Which this isn't.

Oh well, I got a big bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs to savor, and that's more important than complaining about elitist pricks on the web.


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