Monday, January 16, 2006

Game roundup

Thanks to Christmas and the post-Christmas shopping season, I was able to acquire 3 new DS games, which I have played vigorously since then. Here's some perspective:

Animal Crossing: Wild World...if you've played the Gamecube incarnation, you know what to expect. The DS incarnation adds some pretty neat stuff, the most notable being the online play using Nintendo's WiFi online service. I personally haven't been able to find anyone on my fairly large friends list to visit and trade with...poor me. Most of the other additions to the game are frivulous, like the ability to buy and hats and facewear(I've taken a liking to the Geordi LaForge-esque visor). Still, if you enjoyed the first AC, this one will probably be enough to satiate your hunger for room design and talking to airhead neighbors.

Definetly my favorite of the bunch, Castlevania: Dawn of Souls kept me pretty much attached to my DS for 3 or so weeks. This is my first real in-depth experience with a Castlevania title, and damn if it wasn't great. I just kept pushing on, no matter how tough the puzzle or insanely cool & creepy boss, as I tried to clear as much of the map and collect as many little beasty souls as possible. Plus, it comes with an extra mode where you play through the entire castle again as three supporting characters (2 of which are based on the play styles of past Castlevanias), adding even more to the game. I can't recommend this title enough.

Sonic Rush has seemingly been forgotten while I traverse Castlevania, which is a real shame because it is probably the best Sonic game to come out for years. The graphics are a smooth 2D-3D blend, the levels are classic Sonic, and there are two playable characters who, unlike the 3D Adventure titles, are similar enough as not to deviate from the basic style of the series, but different enough to warrant playing through the game as both. If you've been hankering for the kind of speedplay that only the blue guy can provide, then pick up this one. It'll probably keep you busy until the New Super Mario Bros. comes out...

I'm planning on purchasing Mega Man X Collection and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney soon enough (the latter especially, since it's been discontinued by it's publisher).

In other news, the X-Statix: Dead Girl comic is coming out on Wednesday. Do I brave the outside world and make my way to the comic shop to pick it up, maybe with Infinite Crisis#4? Maybe.


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