Monday, January 09, 2006

He Just Kept Talking...

I've been working on a movie for the past week. It took 5 days to transfer the clips from a friend's computer to mine, and the whole weekend to transfer the clips to Window Movie Maker and edit the movie together. Unfortunately for me, Windows Movie Maker is a pile of horseshit, freezing every 10 minutes. And then I couldn't save thw whole file because it was too big, so I split it into 6 parts. Now it is ready to be burned onto a DVD, which with NeroVision should take about a decade. Atleast it'll be done and I can finally go on with my pathetic life.

Meanwhile, I've discovered the catchiest songs of all time:

All songs-stuck-in-head-all-day effects are you're own fault, you chose to listen to them. And if you don't find them catchy...screw you.


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