Friday, April 13, 2007


Super Paper Mario keeps getting better. Chapter 3 starts off really nicely, and ends with an incredibly funny parody that'll go over the heads of anyone who isn't aware of certain types of Japanese games. I also like where the situation with Luigi is heading (it'll probably the most badass he'll ever be, really).

So, I decide to finally start reading Kurt Vonegut's books, and then he dies. WEIRRRRD.

Jesus, I designed the rules for a card game ('s what I do with my free time). I think I actually made something decent this time. Next up: a board game. And then my ultimate goal: writing a role-playing game book. What kind of goal is that? Thanks, Jesus.


A Harvey Birdman game in the Phoenix Wright style? Sweet jesus, it's like a dream. I really hope the shitty developer doesn't fuck it up.

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