Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Dead Jesus Bunny Chocolate Day

Easter candy has been available since January. I would complain about the logic of that, but I love Easter candy. It's easily the most delicious candy of the entire year.

Cadbury Mini-Eggs are easily the most addicting candy to exist. They take the concept of Smarties and M&M's, and amplifies it by infinibijillion, which I think is a number I just made up. Cadbury also produces the ever-lovable Creme Eggs, which now come in a billion varieties, including peanut butter, Caramilk, and Wunderbar(still one of the strangest names I have ever heard.)It's really too bad you can only get them during one period in a year.

Well, atleast it's been a choco-tastic season. Goodbye, choco-tastic season. I'll miss you.


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